Fun typical spots in London: what about cocktails?!

Hey guys,

One month later -sorry for the delay-, I’ll talk about beverages today…

I know!

You’re right, I couldn’t miss cocktails spots in London.
Since London is the place to be for nightlife, I add two cocktails bars -one is definitely for their amazing cocktails, the other one for their rooftop view-, so that everyone’s happy.

If you feel up to, feel free to listen to this music. ‘Cause we all should keep running anyway. 

Attic Bar, on Isle of Dogs, view over Canary Wharf
  • The Attic Bar
    This is a bar is located in Canary Wharf, at the top of the Pan Peninsula building which is a chic residential tower on the middle of the Isle of Dogs. First of all, you need to know that it’s a little bit hidden and hard to find, you’ll need to ask someone from the Tompkins restaurant and answer « yes » to the question « have you already have been here? » and then you will be able to go up through the lift. It’s definitely worth it for the amazing view, different from the Central buildings such as The Shard or The Heron Tower. Cocktails are not the best one I have ever had but it’s good to know that before 7.30pm, you can have one cocktail plus a second cocktail for free.Yeah, you get it!

The Attic Sky Bar
48th Floor, Pan Peninsula,
4 Pan Peninsula Square,
E14 9HN, London

Ninetyeight, bar lounge with a folkloric decor
  • Ninetyeight Bar
    Once upon a time, in a crazy cocktail bar in Shoreditch, you could pretend being back again a little child, playing lego or looking up to some old toys like Action Man, dinosaurs,… while drinking an artistic and extraordinary cocktail. This is just my favourite place in London to have a very good cocktail.

Ninety-eight Cocktail Bar and lounge
Morrell House,
98 Curtain Rd,
EC2A 3AF, London

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Yummy typical spots in London: fish & chips, English breakfast & tea time

Adresses testées et approuvées (article en anglais seulement sorry guys).

Let’s rock it! « We were young once, we were wilder in our boots » /reminber my blog whilst listening to music/

English breakfast, british pub to get a good fish and chips, sweet teatime spots and London,… All those dishes are well-known British to not be missed.

  • Dirty Burger, for a ‘dirty‘ full English breakfast
    Fancy have a typical British breakfast? Fearing to be disgusted by the unappetizing pictures of baked beans and big sausages? I think this kind of breakfast made from simple ingredients and raw products such as eggs, tomatoes, bacon, etc. must be tasty and totally home made. And, above all, you shouldn’t pay more than 10 pounds for this. So here we go: a fancy spot where you can get a full and absolutely tasty English breakfast for 7£. Naturally you might feel full all-day afterwards so I highly recommend to eat it during the weekend when you wake up late. I won’t put a picture of the breakfast, I am sure you can imagine! But here you have an insight of how the place looks like… Quite nice…
Dirty Burger for a dirty breakfast
Whitechapel spot, picture from

Dirty Burger
27A Mile End Road, Whitechapel
E1 4TP London (+ others address in London)

  • Big Easy, THE lobster’s king / about the one in Canary Wharf
    Already, have a look on their great website and you’ll get the vibe. Big easy is defined as « BAR’B’Q Crabshack live music« . « We like to think of it a bit like returning to the social dining of a bygone age… friends getting together over some great food, drinks and music« . In a nutshell, c’est Big, c’est Easy. One of the best spot to eat lobster and roast meat (you’ll get a bib like a baby to eat lobster, it’s funny). And you should stay to enjoy live music by trying their rhum cocktails (the one with passion fruit! <3).

    Big Easy Canary Wharf
    Picture from Big Easy from the outside, amazing!

Big Easy
Park level, Crossrail Place,
E14 London
 (+ others address in Central London)

  • The Ship, ready to embark in a typical british pub?
    This one is close to Sky Garden building in the City and I liked it because it’s kind of hidden at the end of a little street, typical of the City area of London. I love the way London is full of surprised: in the middle of this business and crazy hectic area, it is actually pleasant and reassuring to find a historical pub where btw, every financial and suit & tie guys grab their booze super early in the day. So the Ship is very British, definitely the pub as we all love. The first floor is reserved for lunch time so that you won’t be push away by working guys alongside the bar who are already here during their lunch break. Ils sont fous ces Anglais! I have tried the classic fish and chips, yummy!
    « A real haven« , according to the Evening Standard.

    The Ship, right at the end of a little street in the heart of the City

The Ship
11 Talbot Court,
EC3V 0BP London

  • 3 ideas of Teatime break / from the basic high afternoon tea to perfect scones
    1/ the best cosy afternoon tea in Knightsbridge/Kensington area: does that sound to you as ‘déjà vu’? Have you already heard that? Of course it might be a little repetitive because I have already written about it: have a look here to this super Afternoon tea experience in a loving and colourful hotel called The Knightsbridge Hotel.

    Knightsbridge Hotel Afternoon tea
    Decor of The Knightsbridge Hotel where the afternoon tea takes place

    2/ the best cakes/coffee ever in the fancy East London area: Exmouth Coffee Company is an independent coffee shop located close to Brick Lane & Shoreditch and neighbouring the Whitechapel Gallery (great contemporary arts little museum with temporary thematics free exhibitions). The blend is simple: culinary values, quality ingredients, cooking fresh, pouring love into every dish. Cakes are so tempting from the windows and they also do quiches and beautiful salads for lunch or salty appetite.
    3/ the best scone at the Pain Quotidien: their is something else apart from British eggs/bacon for breakfast or marmelade, it’s called ‘Scone’ and their spotted cream. There are very very good especially those one from Pain Quotidien. It might sounds a bit unoriginal but it is a fact: Pain Quotidien’s scones are well-baked (and you’ll find the scone only in the British PQ restaurants). So, even though it is a French brand, they bake a fresh and very big scones served still warm. I firmly recommend it with the traditional Belgian hot chocolat. Fuck calories!

    Scones and spotted cream from Pain Quotidien bakery

The Knightsbridge Hotel
10 Beaufort Gardens,
SW3, London

Exmouth Coffee Company
83 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7QX London

Le Pain Quotidien
Many restaurants locations 
London (& Paris)

What about you? Any yummy spot to share?


Breakfast Club
Complete out of the blue (not British at all I know): this is the waffles with maple sirup at Breakfast Club, which is a great place to eat U.S. food
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Discovering Croix-Rousse area in Lyon: refreshing Sunday’s vibe

Hi there,

It’s Monday.
Mood Day, Moody Day
Time to talk about Croix Rousse in Lyon which is a young area of Lyon: there are slopes of the Croix-Rousse and Croix-Rousse but also Chartreux area which is basically also on Croix-Rousse plateau as well.
But never mind, the weather was lovely and I have taken pictures that I’d like to share with you up there: Lyon’s Flickr gallery. Is you lazy enough -it’s Moody day I can understand-, please have a look to the following:

Lyon Croix-Rousse
Lyon, Quai de Saône
Lyon Croix-Rousse
Going up there, shadows & lights blend
Lyon Croix-Rousse
View from up there, roofs of Lyon
Lyon Croix-Rousse
View from up there, roofs of Lyon
Lyon Croix-Rousse
View from up there, roofs of Lyon
Lyon Croix-Rousse
Quartier Pentes de la Croix-Rousse à Lyon
Lyon Croix-Rousse
One of my best picture of the day
Lyon Croix-Rousse
Pentes de la Croix-Rousse, quand ça redescend

If I had to pick a song to describe this healthy walk (because of the stairs, but the view is worth it), it would be maybe The Good Mister Square 🙂


Bonsoir ici,

C’était quelques photos du quartier Croix-Rousse à Lyon où il faisait bon vivre lors d’une chouette promenade dominicale. On parle souvent des Pentes de la Croix-Rousse mais c’est en fait tout un plateau du 1er arrondissement de Lyon.
++ : promenade highly recommended après un brunch lui aussi traditionnellement dominical (décidément), pour faciliter digestion and so on.

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